Written translation

Written translation of texts in any format, subject area, and from any language - this is what we do for you all day, every day.

Our company’s certified professionals guarantee a qualitative translation of texts in the most diverse of subject areas - from an advertising pamphlet to the most complicated of engineering drawings. The majority of our workers have professional qualifications in a scientific field alongside their linguistic education. In addition the most specialist projects undergo a stage of editing by a professional specialising in the necessary field.

Literary translation: If you need to translate science fiction or popular science literature, at POLYGLOT you will find a wide range of suitable services which take into consideration the best achievements in literary translation techniques. The preservation of authorial style in the process of cultural and linguistic adaptation of texts is guaranteed.

Translation of official documents: We will help to translate your business correspondence with foreign partners and can professionally translate your personal and legal documents. Our law centre can undertake any further legal services required including Apostille, legalisation and notarisation. We guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.

At your request we can undertake the translation of documents with a "1:1" execution, meaning the full preservation of the original formatting as well as the preservation of tables, drawings, etc. We can work with all basic formats of electronic documents.



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