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Website is the business card of a company and its reputation depends on the accuracy of the translation. Polyglot translation agency will help you make your company popular and respectful in many countries of the world by developing and localizing a multi-lingual website. There is no need to say that a well-advertised website will significantly increase your company's sales abroad, open up new markets for distribution of your goods and services, and attract many new customers and partners.


A multi-lingual website will provide you with:

The best and most inexpensive instrument for advertising your company and services 365 days per year.

An opportunity for promoting your goods and services in new markets.

An opportunity to provide the best services for your foreign partners.


Your foreign partners and clients will always be able to receive the latest updates on your company, goods, services, new projects and prospects for development. They will be able to get the latest price list, new products, services and much more in their native language.

If you wish to succeed in foreign markets, professional presentation of your enterprise in foreign languages is of utmost significance. It is important that your products, services or any other kind of activity is described in a clear, correct and effective manner. Numerous studies on the behaviour of internet users clearly indicate that people spend much more time browsing websites whose text is in their native language.


Peculiarities in translation of websites

What is the difference between localization, globalization and translation of websites?


Localization of websites is translation of a website in a foreign language into the language of a country which is expected to promote a product or service.


translation of a well-known German household appliance manufacturer's website into Latvian;

translation of a Latvian internet shop into English.


Globalization of websites – this is a more complex process involving multi-lingual translations. As a rule, large companies have 20-30 local versions of their website. If this process is carried out in a centralized manner (via one or more contractors), it can safely be referred to as globalization. In some cases, the concepts of "localization" and "globalization" are synonymous. For example, a company translates a web-resource into 30 languages (i.e. "globalizes" its website), involving translations carried out by 10 different companies, each of which localizes the website into the respective local language.


translation of a Latvian furniture manufacturer's website into German, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese;

translation of a Chinese toy manufacturer's website into the main European languages.

We will make sure that your site is comprehensible, interesting and attractive to any audiences of any countries. Professionalism of our specialists guarantees you that your website will be perceived by foreign partners as if it were written in their native language.



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