In the world of modern globalised business, interpreting has become the most popular and, at the same time, the most complicated of linguistic services. When interpreting, the interpreter’s personality is increasingly important because on the psychological level, the interpreter (rather than you) is perceived by your foreign partner as the principal source of information.


When choosing your interpreter, you choose a central participant in your event.


Language competence, a presentable appearance, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of the specific nature of your business all constitute required minimum qualities in an interpreter. In the 21st century knowledge of a language has ceased to be something unusual, international business communication has become the business of professionals.


There are three basic kinds of interpretation:
1. Consecutive interpretation.
2. Simultaneous interpretation.
3. Escort interpretation.

1. Consecutive interpretation is the interpretation of oral speech in separate small portions consisting of several sentences. This type of interpretation is perfect for business meetings, negotiations with foreign partners, organising business presentations, exhibitions, seminars, and different social events.

Simultaneous interpretation is a continuous parallel interpretation of oral speech. Without simultaneous interpretation large international conferences involving the discussion of a huge volume of information would be unthinkable. Our company will provide you with not only a first-class interpreter, but also with all the necessary technology.

Escort interpretation includes an extremely wide range of interpretation services such as the provision of interpreter-guides, an escort for foreign delegates and an interpreter’s participation in your private tours.



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