Advantages of corporate cooperation


"Same hands"

Our portfolio includes all the services you might need. This means that all issues related with translation, layout, notarially certified translation, apostilles for documents, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation will be solved by our employees.

You do not need to look for various vendors for all of these services because we are here to save your time. You will also find it easier to monitor all the related work processes performed by one reliable partner.


Priority of orders

Your orders are a priority for us. This means that the best translation and editorial resources will be employed for performing your order. Your orders will be always completed on time regardless of the current work load of the company.


Individual manager to work with clients

If you are a regular customer, you are personally familiar with your personal client manager of our company. Our client manager will be quick with the uptake and you will not need to remind him/her the history of cooperation with you. You will not need to bother explaining him/her that "должность руководителя" is to be translated as "Chairman of the Board", and not in any other way and that your corporate glossary is to be used, with all the latest updates, when translating Rules and Regulations of your company. He/she will always know this himself/herself and he/she will never forget to inform all of the specialists involved in the project about this. He/she will also never forget to follow along in all of the stages of the project, even if you do not remind him/her. You can call him/her at any time for you will have his direct phone number.


Permanent workgroup

For example, you usually order large-scale technical translations with us with the subsequent layout design of the original file format in 5000 copies.

This means that we have developed a permanent workgroup, which consists of translators, a proof-reader, an editor, a page-maker and a designer-typographer. All the members of this team are well aware of the specific character of your orders; they possess and regularly update a term base as well as make active use of the corporate glossary you have provided. You have been long accustomed to the style of our translators and our editor so they are employed for all of your orders because it is important for us to provide you with the best performance possible. As always.


Development and maintenance of corporate glossaries

Any long-term project implies development of specific terminology. Our editor will develop, coordinate and update a term base of your corporate terminology in close cooperation with an authorized representative of your company.

This means that when the volume of your documentation increases 10 times and we will involve new specialists in the translation project, the quality and consistency of terminology in the performed translations will remain at a high level.


Test translations

In order to ensure that our company does not just make empty promises feel free to order a test translation completely free of charge. We accept the texts of up to 1 page in any format and on any subject. You will receive the translated test sample shortly in order to assess the quality of our services.


Delivery by courier for free

The majority of our corporate clients have already appreciated the convenience of this service. You no longer need to spend your employees' time for delivering boxes of documents or folders with presentation materials to our office.


A flexible system of discounts and bonuses

Finally, the most pleasant part - discounts and bonuses. We offer one-time, quantity as well as cumulative discounts for our regular customers.

How to spend less? The answer is very simple - order more.

Or, sign a contract with us for exclusive translation services for the period of 1 year and we will offer you special rates.

Become our corporate client and you will find how simple and convenient it is to work with us! We will always meet your needs!



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