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The definition of a ”perfect translation” is, to a large extent, subjective and depends on the person assessing the translation. We don’t believe in the existence of the perfect translation, but we do believe in a translation, which, taking into account the linguistic and cultural differences between languages, is, semantically, as close as possible to the original.

The quality of a translation depends on the professionalism of the translator. Correcting a poor translation is very difficult, at times even impossible. All translations undertaken by POLYGLOT are completed by professional translators.

Before returning the translation to you, each text is inspected by an editor, in order to verify the conformity of the translation to grammatical, syntactical and idiomatic language norms. You will then receive the translation, which does not require any further editing and is totally ready to use.


It is worth mentioning some circumstances which can affect the quality of the translation:

constant amendments and supplements to the original text;

undecipherable text in the source document (e.g., faxed documents);

the presence of mistakes in the source document;

the omission of individual words or objects in the original text, e.g., graphs or figures.


Whatever format the source document is in, we will do our best to create a high-quality translation. POLYGLOT has implemented and successfully operates a translation quality-control system, which includes:

the rigorous selection of translators,

the reservation translators in advance (a prerequisite, which minimises the risk of having to postpone the translation),

mandatory verification of the translation by an editor.


We guarantee the quality of our translations, and are ready to offer and sign a translation service contract for both individual translation orders (with a detailed description of the original files, amount of text, requirements of the translation, period and cost of execution) and permanent collaboration.

Come to POLYGLOT, where you will be offered the services of skilled translators and editors for many of the world’s languages, as well as many other associated linguistic services!



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